We grew up with robots - and we keep on dreaming!

K.L.A.IN robotics and Dillon robotics d.o.o with our brands - Denso, Hyundai and Eyefeeder represent a complete supplier for all automation process
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Why Belgrade?

We choose Serbia to investigate about new potential markets for Robotic development. From Serbia we would like to develop Robotic market in Balkanian Area.
Belgrade is the Capital of Serbia, easy to reach by Motorway from Italy, and we developed good agreement with Pupin Institute and Belgrade University. In Belgrade take place the most important exhibition for new technology.


Dillon Robotics

a complete supplier for all automation process

K.L.A.IN Robotics

K.L.A.IN.robotics is located in Brescia, Italy.
We are distributors for Italy and italian speaking Switzerland of robots for the Factory Automation and Mechatronics components.

Dillon Robotics

Dillon Robotics is based in Belgrade, Serbia. From Serbia we would like to develop Robotic market in Balkanian Area

First brand we distribute since 1999, and which we are ‘European Best Dealer’ since 2007 to now, is DENSO, wellknown japanese producer, leader in small size robots market, with SCARA and Anthropomorphic robots

MIR is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots
MiR develops, manufactures and sells mobile robots for the professional market. The purpose of the MiR robots is to automate in -house transportation.

Other important brand we distribute since 2011, is Hyundai, wellknown korean producer, with Anthropomorphic robots up to 500 kg payload, specialized in welding, handling and interlocking systems
Since 2013 we also distribute Eyefeeder System, a feeding system which has been developed for the Denso robots, with vision system robot guide

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Science and Technology Park Belgrade, Serbia
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