Denso VS H2O2/UV

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The DENSO 6-axis New VS H2O2/UV Series offers a futuristic design that is suitable specifically for a cleanroom environment. The New VS H2O2/UV Series complies with sanitary standards such as IPA and UL, is resistant to strong sterilization chemicals such as H2O2 spray and Ultra Violet ligh. All while preserving DENSO’s fast, precise, compact and now highly resistant image.


  • Hygienic design: shiny and smooth surface is easy to clean and to spot dirt
  • Internal wiring: when connecting a flange or any other device, all wiring is internal to prevent both tangling and destroying wires with strong cleaning chemicals
  • Bottom connector cable: seals all cables in and keeps all bacteria out
  • Round forms: hinders the accumulation of bacteria in hard to reach places
  • No screws: inhibits bacteria from collecting under screw heads


  • Payload: 4 kg
  • Arm Reach: 520 mm
  • Mounting Options: Floor, Wall, Ceiling
  • Cleanroom Protection Class (optional): H2O2 Resistant, UV Resistant


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