New product - F&P Personal Robotics

Collaborative Robots are robots intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace

P-Rob is the optimal choice wherever robot applications are close to human co-workers in flexible environments. Its intuitive way of controlling, its intrinsic safety concept and its high acceptance by co-workers make the P-Rob the perfect collaborator.

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Personal Service Robots work in an autonomous way to develop useful services, oriented to the well-being of humans. P-Rob is designed to serve humans. Its sensitive soft cover not only protects but also increases the positive relation between humans and robots. The ability to cope with different situations and to learn enable the flexible and convenient performance use of the P-Rob in human environments.

P-Rob 2R

P-Rob 2 is a robotic arm available in different variants (Power input: AC or DC, Operating voltage: 24V or 48V, different color combinations). This flexibility allows the robotic arm to be adapted to various needs and facilitates its integration and acceptance by operators. P-Rob is also the only fully integrated and embedded robotic arm. It’s footprint does not exceed 300×300 mm2.

P-Grip® 2F

P-Grip’s broad capability to grasp objects of various hand-size shapes makes it ideal for applications dealing with a variety of objects. Applications requiring sensor data fusion techniques are essential in today’s automation tasks. The P-Grip concept combined with myP software easily allows integrating sensors and vision systems.

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P-Grip® V2

P-Grip V is a soft covered vacuum gripper with two independently controllable suction cups.

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