Customer Care

Thanks to the complementarity of its range, to the quality and reliability of its products and services, Dillon robotics stands out in every aspect of robotics offering.

Free support by phone

Technicians and experts at your disposal, to answer your questions and diagnose any problem, over the telephone.


Our team is trained and authorized by mother company to operate any type of repair.

Preventive maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to protect your investment in robotics field.

Our technicians are able to provide “dedicated” offers, based on the state of use of your robot.

Application support

Our expertises in programming field are at your disposal as well as the necessary support during the development of your application. The good cooperation between Dillon robotics and our customers allows to develop successful applications.

Spare Parts

Our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of spare parts with prompt delivery.


Simulations and Active Service

Dillon robotics puts at your disposal its know-how. Any applications has different features and often hidden opportunities. Regardless of the type of application, our goal is to help customers  to find best solution to improve productivity. By sharing our knowledge in production processes and automated solutions, we will show the possibilities and points where you can improve.

Extraordinary quality and constant availability for the entire cycle life of products make Dillon robotics a very reliable partner. To satisfy every individual needs, we offer a wide range of solutions for components. The high availability of components and our excellent logistics network, ensures that articles reach their destination faster both day and night.



Dillon robotics offers training programs that face all aspects of use of robots, regardless of user profile:



Maintenance man

Courses take place at our headquarter in Brescia but can be also arranged at end user site.

These training courses allow you to achieve maximum productivity from your robot.




Robot Lending

Dillon robotics has a wide robots fleet at your disposal for any need:

robots are strictly controlled and guaranteed, they have different arm reach and payloads. These are available for short-term lending, for exhibitions and open houses.

In case you need of tests or tests, and long-term loans, please contact in our Technical Service:

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